Our Top 10 FREE Things To See And Do In The USA

As a single mom, I know how expensive it can get seeing and doing lots of activities on a road trip.  All those great museums, national parks, and other awesome attractions can really add up fast. That's why it's especially amazing when we come across free activities which are most times as good if not better than most of the things we pay for.  Here's our list of our top 10 most awesome free activities that we've found so far (we still have 8 states left to explore).  We hope you get to take advantage of some of these fantastic and fun freebies wherever you're traveling to.


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1. Mt. Rushmore (Keystone, SD)-I was really excited to find out there was no entrance fee-only the cost to park the car.  Take in the 4 presidents and then explore the amazing visitor center to get the inside story on this amazing feat of artistry.



2. Wright Brothers Cycle Complex (Dayton, OH)-See the Wright Brother's original bike shop and explore how they went from bikes to planes in this awesome interactive museum complex.



3. Chicago Post Office Tour (Chicago, IL)-See how mail is processed in the country's largest post office.  Watch letters and magazines zip around conveyors and be amazed at the marvel that is the US Post Office.



4. The Alamo (San Antonio, TX)-Explore this deeply revered historical sight and walk away knowing what Texas pride really means-fighting for what you believe in, and showing immense bravery.



5. Valley City Fish Hatchery(Valley City, ND)-Learn all about how our nations lakes and rivers are restocked with fish, and how we help mother nature preserve delicate ecosystems.

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6. Geographical Center of the USA (Lebanon, KS)- Stand at the exact center of the lower 48 states if you divided the country in half top and bottom and side by side.  It's right in the middle of someone's corn field.



7. Beach combing on Sanibel Island (Sanibel Island, FL)- Channel your inner treasure hunter and you comb through shells on the third best shell covered beach int he world.  The entire shoreline is nothing but shells.


imgres-18. The Mustard Museum (Middleton, WI)-Visit one man's shrine to mustard and learn everything you ever wanted to know about the very popular condiment. Sample mustards from all over the country and the world.

Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina


9. Bush Baked Beans Visitor Center (Dandridge, TN). Learn all about beans and the canning process as you tour the visitor center of the all American food brand.

Legends and Longhorns


10. Fort Worth Stockyards (Fort Worth, TX)-at 11am and 4pm gather along the center stretch of road at the stockyards to watch those legendary Longhorns come marching right in the middle of the street.


  1. Thank you for this article!
    I have been in the USA (New York, Miami, Boston, Washington…) and it was an amazing experience! I visited a lot of places and did a website about it with some articles 🙂

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