Take It To The Limit Without Rushing Through—A lesson learned!

My kids and I have now planned and taken 16 road trips and while I think I've fine tuned the process it seems I still have more to learn. On our last trip to NY, NJ and PA, in my zeal to cover a lot of ground in a limited amount of time we rushed through and missed a lot of stuff I wished we'd taken the time to see. Of course there were other factors involved like bad weather, losing my wallet and a rush to get back … [Read more...]

Setting the Pace

Open Road

When it comes to pacing your road trip, balance is key. The pace of your trip is a key factor in making the experience a success that leaves everyone excited for the next one. A trip that’s too jam-packed with activities can be overwhelming and exhausting. On the other hand, a trip that is too slow or with too few planned outings can leave everyone bored. A well-paced trip keeps everyone excited for the next … [Read more...]

Road Trip GPS: What Type Of Navigation System Is Right For You?


With so much technology out there it can be a little confusing finding the right system to guide you. The days of folding and unfolding those paper maps have now given way to all kinds of electronic gadgetry to get you from point A to point B without getting lost. They can also give you really helpful information about the nearest gas station, restaurants even local attractions. But with so many options to choose … [Read more...]

10 Essential Rules Of The Road

Road Rules

There’s a big difference between driving around your neighborhood running errands or heading to work and cruising the open roads of a rural 2-lane highway across unfamiliar territory. Here are some tips to help you drive safely and steer clear of trouble with the Highway Patrol. While most official rules of the road are uniform across the country, it’s very important to make a special effort to observe the … [Read more...]