Park City Mountain Resort (Park City)

Park City Mountain Resort located within a mile of Main Street is a popular resort offering skiing and snowboarding with a great variety in terrain offering something for everyone from beginners to double black diamond runs.  Not quite as snooty as Deer Valley, Park City caters to everyone and overall seemed much less pretentious.  The powder and the runs are amazing and we just loved watching everyone zip by in … [Read more...]

Utah Olympic Park (Park City)

You cannot visit Park City, Utah without visiting the Utah Olympic Park which is one of the official training facilities where athletes train for the winter Olympics.  Besides touring the facility and seeing the ski jump ramps, bobsled runs, and skeleton trails there are lots of activities that you can take part in.  Want to feel what it's like to ride in a bobsled or zip line off the ski jump ramp-you can try it … [Read more...]

Temple Square (Salt Lake City)

Temple Square is truly the heart of Salt Lake City which encompasses a collection of buildings whose centerpiece is the Salt Lake Temple. While you can't enter this strikingly beautiful building that is undoubtedly the cornerstone of the city, it is pretty impressive to take in up close. The Salt Lake Temple is the largest temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (also known as the Mormon … [Read more...]

Utah State Capitol Building (Salt Lake City)

The Utah state capitol building is a majestic structure inside and out and is worth a quick visit to check it out. Sharing the domed architecture typical of  most state capitol buildings, my kids couldn't wait to see how it was painted from the inside.  Making our way up the steps we were surprised by the absence of metal detectors and security guards that we've found at just about every statehouse we've ever … [Read more...]

Zion National Park

Nevada, Utah and Arizona

Zion National Park is so awe inspiring.  This was the first National Park I'd ever been to in my whole life so I wasn't sure what to expect. Thankfully it was super visitor-friendly, with a shuttle bus that picks you up at the visitor’s center and does a big loop stopping at the major focal points in the park. You can hop on and hop off at any of the stops which is what we did and the bus driver gives a kind of … [Read more...]

Four Corners National Monument

Destination #4: New Mexico and Colorado

How cool is it to simultaneously be in four states at once! You can do just that at the Four Corners National Monument which is administered by the Navajo Nation. Beware, it was about $3 per person to enter and the concessioners have a tendency to up their prices just because.  After posing for photos on the monument marker we decided to peruse the stands.  I wanted everyone to taste Indian Fry Bread to add to our … [Read more...]

Winter Break in a Skiers Paradise – Park City, Utah

It’s all funny how we are all programmed one way or another.  Most people either consider themselves beach people or snow people.  I definitely fall into the beach category and generally deplore being in the cold which is why I have ignored my kids’ pleas year after year to take them skiing.  Well this year I finally relented and took them all to Park City Utah since we had friends that would be there at the … [Read more...]

Itinerary #2: Nevada, Utah and Arizona


This was my first solo trip (sort of—I took my housekeeper who although has been like a second mother to my kids, speaks no English and cannot drive…I love her to death but let's be honest, she could not be a great help in an emergency in the middle of nowhere). Had I known better, I would have taken along another mom with kids, but of course experience is the best teacher and so I learned for the next trip what … [Read more...]