Gettysburg National Military Park (Gettysburg)

There is nothing that can prepare you for the solemnity and enormity of Gettysburg National Military Park. Visiting here was something I had looked forward to ever since taking on our goal of seeing all 50 states 13 years ago. But I could never have imagined what an incredible experience it would be with kids in high school-particularly enrolled in A.P. U.S. History. My kids and I would agree it was the highlight of … [Read more...]

Pearl Harbor (Honolulu)

Pearl Harbor (Honolulu)

The memorial at Pearl Harbor is something I believe in my heart that  every American should see. It is a somber memorial and we all felt it was  a most moving tribute to the greatest generation, the brave men and women who fought an heroic battle against a surprise attack on December 7th, 1941, the pivotal moment in which the United States was thrust into World War II. Make sure you call ahead and get your … [Read more...]

The Alamo (San Antonio)


To just about every Texan, and definitely to me, The Alamo is the most revered and important place in the entire state.  After having taken in the spirit of the Alamo, I now understand why Texans are so proud and fiercely independent.  Arriving at the Alamo, it seemed much smaller that what we had expected, but the minute we set foot inside we knew we stood on hallowed ground in a place that stands as the  shrine … [Read more...]