Nauticus, The National Maritime Center (Norfolk)

Sometimes the best things are discovered on a rainy day when other plans get canceled.  We were so pumped to kayak in and around the Eastern Virginia National Wildlife Refuge but sadly a huge storm blew in and our guide just didn't think it would be good idea with the wind and the high tide. Sad but still hopeful for another cool experience we set forth with plan B, to head to Norfolk and check out the educational … [Read more...]

Pearl Harbor (Honolulu)

Pearl Harbor (Honolulu)

The memorial at Pearl Harbor is something I believe in my heart that  every American should see. It is a somber memorial and we all felt it was  a most moving tribute to the greatest generation, the brave men and women who fought an heroic battle against a surprise attack on December 7th, 1941, the pivotal moment in which the United States was thrust into World War II. Make sure you call ahead and get your … [Read more...]

USS Lexington Museum On The Bay (Corpus Christie)


If you’re like us and have never been on an aircraft carrier, then you’ll find The USS Lexington Museum On The Bay really interesting just like we did. This ship was enormous, in fact the kids and I felt like it was a floating city.   This ship was used in World War II and we got to see what life was like for the sailors on board, where they ate and slept, how they manned the battle stations and where they got … [Read more...]