Coney Island aka Luna Park (New York City-Brooklyn)

A visit to Brooklyn is not complete without at stop at Coney Island on the shore near Brighton Beach. Walk up to the ticket booth for The Luna Park amusement park amid the brightly colored rides and instantly you are 7 years old pulling on your parent sleeve begging to go explore. Don't expect much in comparison to a new theme park though. It's a place of nostalgia that hearkens back to simpler times. Our main … [Read more...]

The Jersey Shore and Boardwalk (Seaside Heights)

Forget about Jersey Shore the TV show, the kids and I were super excited to check out the beach, rides and restaurants on one of the infamous boardwalks on the Jersey shore.  One of the better known locales is in Seaside Heights.  As we started to make our way down the a huge summer storm unleashed it's fury and didn't let up until late into the evening.  Sadly we had to miss this Jersey hot spot, but if you get … [Read more...]