Brighton Beach (New York City-Brooklyn)

What I love about America is there are so many places where you can go and feel like you are in another whole country. Brooklyn is no exception.  There are many immigrant communities here but one of the most famous is Brighton Beach which can feel to the average American like a trip to Russia. Take a walk under the subway bridge a block from the beach and every sign will be in Russian, the language you hear on the … [Read more...]

The Jersey Shore and Boardwalk (Seaside Heights)

Forget about Jersey Shore the TV show, the kids and I were super excited to check out the beach, rides and restaurants on one of the infamous boardwalks on the Jersey shore.  One of the better known locales is in Seaside Heights.  As we started to make our way down the a huge summer storm unleashed it's fury and didn't let up until late into the evening.  Sadly we had to miss this Jersey hot spot, but if you get … [Read more...]

Punaluu Black Sand Beach (Pahala)


Driving back to Kona from Volcano National Park, we happened upon the famous Punaluu Black Sand Beach.  The black sand is made of basalt and is created by lava flowing into the ocean which explodes as it reaches the ocean and cools.  While the scenery is quite spectacular this isn't a great beach to swim at for a couple of reasons. The surf is pretty rocky and the black sand will get all over you and it's pretty … [Read more...]

The North Shore (Haleiwa to Sunset Beach)


Can I tell you—Honolulu has some horrific rush hour traffic. I could not believe it, I thought I was back home in Los Angeles! Once we got out of the main part of town heading toward the North Shore it was smooth sailing and back to the low key Hawaii that I love. We headed up to the North Shore and Sunset Beach made famous for all the surfing competitions that happen there in the wintertime when the huge waves … [Read more...]

Waikiki Beach (Honolulu)

Waikiki Beach (Honolulu)

Any visit to the island of Oahu would not be complete without a stop at the very famous Waikiki beach.  The beach itself is very pretty surrounded by luxury hotels and restaurants and is the place to be.  It's jam packed with sunbathers, swimmers, surfers and boogie boarders and it is a scene. After staying on the other major islands and taking in their glorious unspoiled beauty, we decided to stay at the Hilton … [Read more...]

Shell Hunting (Sanibel Island)


I bet you didn't know that Sanibel Island  is the shell capitol of the US. In fact, it is the third best place in the world for shells. Shell hunting is another thing my kids can do for hours and I think it's tied in with with the same thrill they get from gold panning and diamond digging, it's all about the treasure hunt.  After checking into our hotel and getting into our beachcombing gear, we headed to the … [Read more...]