Edgar Allan Poe’s Gravesite (Baltimore)

I don't know about you, but I find graveyards a welcoming place and not spooky at all.  Though this was a very quick stop, we felt it was important to pay homage to one of America's most famous poets. Sadly as we made our way to the gate of Westminster Hall and Burying Ground we soon realized the gate to get in was locked as there was some sort of construction project going on. Seems they are refurbishing or … [Read more...]

Reverence: Showing Respect At Sacred Places

A couple weeks ago I saw a story in the Sunday Los Angeles Times that caught my eye called "A Sting In The Desert" (click here to check it out). It really grabbed my attention because it involved somewhere we'd traveled to. The story involved illegal trade in Native American Artifacts and those who search for them in the sacred grounds surrounding the Four Corners Area (where Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and … [Read more...]

Ben Franklin’s Grave (Philadelphia)

After learning so much about Ben Franklin we were compelled to pay our respects at his gravesite which is nearby. You can peer at his gravestone through the fence for free which is what most folks do, often tossing pennies onto his grave for good luck. Or, you can pay the couple of bucks admission to into the graveyard and get a closer look. Feeling like I really need to properly thank old Ben for all he'd done … [Read more...]