B. Free Post Office (Philadelphia)

  Did you know that the first post office in the United States was established by Benjamin Franklin and was established prior to our nation's founding right in this very building? Don't you just love the name of the post office too? So clever Mr. Franklin! Do what we did and buy some postcards and have them cancelled at the oldest post office in the USA. The cancellation mark is really big so make sure … [Read more...]

Ben Franklin’s Grave (Philadelphia)

After learning so much about Ben Franklin we were compelled to pay our respects at his gravesite which is nearby. You can peer at his gravestone through the fence for free which is what most folks do, often tossing pennies onto his grave for good luck. Or, you can pay the couple of bucks admission to into the graveyard and get a closer look. Feeling like I really need to properly thank old Ben for all he'd done … [Read more...]

Independence Hall (Philadelphia)

This is a must see in the old city of Philadelphia so make sure you get tickets to go on a ranger led tour of the actual building where the Declaration of Independence was signed and where The Constitution was was ratified. Wow, it all really happened right here! Our Ranger guide gave us an amazing introduction and as we entered the room I could literally imagine Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and … [Read more...]

Independence Visitor Center (Philadelphia)

This by all means should be your first stop as you explore the old city of Philadelphia. It's also the place you'll need to pick up your tickets if you planned ahead and booked your tour of Independence Hall.  If you are like a lot of folks who just do things on the fly, you can also purchase tickets here for not only the tour of Independence Hall but for a variety of other cool stuff to see within a few blocks of … [Read more...]

The Charleston Museum (Charleston)

The Charleston Museum (Charleston)

Walking through The Charleston Museum we had a hard time wrapping our head around the fact that this indeed was America’s first museum, founded in 1773-but I guess there has to be a first of everything, right?. Sadly most of the original items, many of which were scientific in nature, were destroyed in a fire in 1778. The museum resumed collecting artifacts and was opened to the public in 1824. As we made … [Read more...]

Historic District (Charleston)

Historic District (Charleston)

Charleston is a beautiful and charming city that has a long and storied history as a port city on the shores of South Carolina. The Historic District is a wonderful place to explore some of the well preserved architecture and take a peek at life during an earlier time period. Everywhere you look, restaurants, shops, hotels are all housed in these amazing old buildings oozing with decorative charm. If you want to … [Read more...]

Ghost Tour (Savannah)

Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina

If you are not traveling with super little kids (under 9 or 10), then you’ve  got to do a ghost tour at night in the most haunted city in the USA-Savannah's claim to fame. There are some really good guides who will give you an unbelievable experience- but apparently I couldn’t find them.  I did my research when I planned this trip, checking reviews, but it just goes to show you, even if you do all your … [Read more...]

Historic District (Savannah)

Historic District (Savannah)

The Savannah Historic District is a National Historic Landmark.  Laid out in a grid plan, the blocks are full of great examples of 18th and 19th century architecture.. The district encompasses the original town plan laid out in 1733 by Gen. James E. Oglethorpe, founder of the British colony of Georgia. Most of the original squares, which feel like mini plazas or parks, remain and each have their own unique focal … [Read more...]