Knight’s Action Park (Springfield)

Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

After a whole day of discovering the land of Lincoln in Springfield and dinner at Perkins, we headed to Knight's Action Park, another family fun center with mini golf, go-karts, batting cages, and lots of cool rides, along with some kind of water park( that when we were there happened to be closed). It was just our luck that as we arrived, most of the park closed down because of a lightening storm-yeah you don't want … [Read more...]

Lincoln’s Home National Historic Site (Springfield)

Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

The Lincoln Home National Historic Site is the location of the Lincoln family’s home in Springfield, and it is maintained just as if the Abe Lincoln and his wife and children still lived there. After getting our free tour ticket at the visitor center, our guide led us into the home sharing some insights into Abraham Lincoln's life as a husband and father and an attorney here in Springfield. The first thing I … [Read more...]

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library (Springfield)

Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

The kids and I have been to a few Presidential Libraries, and I have to say The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library is by far our favorite. Venturing inside there is so much to see you will be a little overwhelmed.  We were totally enthralled by the life-like displays that sort of mimic movie sets. It's best to start at the beginning with a replica of Lincoln’s boyhood cabin.  The kids and I were really … [Read more...]

Lincoln’s Tomb State Historic Site (Springfield)

Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

Lincoln's Tomb State Historic Site is indeed is the burial place of Abraham Lincoln one of the most important presidents in the history of our country.  The entrance to the tomb is marked by a beautiful monument with a bronze statue of Mr. Lincoln. We read in a few of our guidebooks that we were supposed to rub the nose of the statue for good luck.  Walking up we noticed that the nose was quite shiny so each of us … [Read more...]

Perkins (Springfield)


Discovering Perkins was a complete godsend. Living in Southern California, we'd never heard of Perkins till we got out on the road in North and South Dakota. Our friend Avrille spotted one on the road telling us it was a great place for some family friendly food, so we tried it and we were hooked ever since. You cannot go wrong for breakfast, lunch or dinner at Perkins. There is something for everyone, even your … [Read more...]

Illinois State Capitol Building (Springfield)

Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

The Illinois State Capitol Building like all things in Springfield, the land of Lincoln, is stately but not flashy and quietly dignified.  The dome is made of zinc and is sort of dark in color which is unlike any other we've seen.  Inside the rotunda is home to a beautiful stained glass dome with friezes surrounding it.  This is a place where business gets done, but it was short on glamour and interesting … [Read more...]