Soundtrack for Trip #13: Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina

Ray Charles

Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina are not only famous for launching some famous bands like R.E.M., the B-52's and Hootie and the Blowfish but they are also famous for inspiring some truly memorable tunes. Here's a list that runs the gamut from extolling the virtues of the romantic south and it's alluring charms, to songs by artists who were influenced by these states in which they were born and raised. We've … [Read more...]

Soundtrack for Trip #3: Idaho, Wyoming and Montana

Soundtrack #3

There is nothing quite like the beautiful natural wonder of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. Yellowstone in Wyoming is America's first National Park. It's home not only to lots of animals like bison, bears, elk, and wolves but it's the center of enormous volcanic activity thats the source of geysers, colorful steaming pools of acid, and smoking steam vents. We all know Idaho is famous for it's potatoes, but did you know … [Read more...]

Soundtrack for Trip #14: New England

New England

New England is such a beautiful and very historical place. It's where the spirit of freedom gave birth to our nation and you can feel it everywhere you go from Minuteman Park in Massachusetts to the Touro Synagogue in Rhode Island. Besides the Revolutionary War that was sparked here, New England is also home to a rebellious spirit from the hippie dairy farms in Vermont-home of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, to Mark Twain … [Read more...]

Soundtrack for Trip #2: Nevada, Utah and Arizona

Soundtrack for Trip #2: Nevada, Utah and Arizona

I don't know about you, but I can't drive though Vegas without Elvis' "Viva Las Vegas" blaring out of my car speakers. Vegas has it's own iconic music made famous by legendary artists like Elvis and Frank Sinatra, just to name a few. Once you head out of town, the barren landscape awash with desert colors takes on a whole other feel. If you find yourself on the road through these states (Trip #2: Nevada, Utah and … [Read more...]

Soundtrack for Trip #1: Washington, Oregon

Soundtrack for Trip #1: Washington, Oregon

Here's a terrific list of songs to go along the amazing scenery of the Pacific Northwest on Trip #1: Washington, Oregon. Many artists and bands on the list have their roots here like Jimi Hendrix, Heart, The Kingsman, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam-in fact Nirvana and Pearl Jam pioneered a new style of music that emerged out of the Seattle scene which came to be known as Grunge. Other songs are just feel good road songs … [Read more...]

Soundtrack for Trip #11: Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky

Did you know that Cleveland, Ohio is the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Or did you know that Motown is slang for the Motor City also known as Detroit? Kentucky is home to bluegrass music, and Gary, Indiana was the birthplace of the Jackson 5. There are so many musical connections and it was fun and creative putting this eclectic mix together trying to find songs to tie in to not only to the musical history, … [Read more...]

Soundtrack For Trip #7: Texas

Everything in Texas is big and bold and has stars on it. That's the first impression we got as soon as we set off exploring in The Lone Star State. After seeing The Alamo early on, everything else fell into place and we understood the passion that Texans feel for their home state. From the Spanish influence in the southern regions like San Antonio and Laredo to the cowboy culture in the north in places like Fort … [Read more...]

Best All-American Road Music: The Starter Soundtrack To Wherever You’re Going!

Best All American Road Music: The Starter Soundtrack To Wherever You’re Going!

So you’re trucking along the highway watching the scenery fly but the scene isn’t complete without a soundtrack. Ever watched a movie without the score? You would be amazed at how different it feels-sort of flat, like a great dish without seasoning, it’s just blah! Music adds another layer of emotional involvement that connects us so that instead of just seeing, we are experiencing. On every trip I have … [Read more...]

Motown Museum – Hitsville USA (Detroit)

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky

The Motown Museum, the home of Hitsville USA is a treasure trove of musical history. Hopefully you’ve added some Motown hits on your soundtrack that you’ve been listening to on the road—some Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gaye , Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5—the list could to one and on. There were so many fabulous artists that emerged under the guidance of Berry Gordy and his visionary Motown label. … [Read more...]

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Cleveland)

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is just the epitome of cool. Walking  in, we were greeted with stage props from U2 and Pink Floyd concerts, just to name a few. I was overwhelmed as I was instantly I was taken back to my late teens watching MTV and VHI remembering the U2 video with those Russian cars.  I had to pinch myself a few times to make sure this was really happening....  Here in front of me floating overhead … [Read more...]