B. Free Post Office (Philadelphia)

  Did you know that the first post office in the United States was established by Benjamin Franklin and was established prior to our nation's founding right in this very building? Don't you just love the name of the post office too? So clever Mr. Franklin! Do what we did and buy some postcards and have them cancelled at the oldest post office in the USA. The cancellation mark is really big so make sure … [Read more...]

Chicago Post Office Tour (Chicago)

Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

Did you know that the Chicago Post Office is the busiest in the nation? The Chicago Post office offers tours and after making arrangements a few days in advance we headed over right after our visit at Millennium Park.  We met our tour guide, a wonderful gentleman who informed us he'd been working there for 43 years.  He proceeded to tell us what happens to a piece of mail after we put in in the mailbox showing us … [Read more...]

The Pony Express Museum (Hollenberg)

Destination #6: Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma

Wow did I really come to appreciate the United States Postal Service after a visit to the Pony Express Museum. So back in the day, if you were a pioneer in the heartland, your mail was delivered by Pony Express-meaning it was transferred from rider to rider over hundreds of miles on horseback to get to you. The riders were young men—17 to early 20’s—who would ride for 2 days and then change horses at different … [Read more...]