B. Free Post Office (Philadelphia)

  Did you know that the first post office in the United States was established by Benjamin Franklin and was established prior to our nation's founding right in this very building? Don't you just love the name of the post office too? So clever Mr. Franklin! Do what we did and buy some postcards and have them cancelled at the oldest post office in the USA. The cancellation mark is really big so make sure … [Read more...]

Postcard Collecting: A Beautiful and Inexpensive Hobby

I have some awesome readers that bring some really great ideas to my attention and sometimes I just have to share them. One such idea came from Nancy Hayes, a reader and travel enthusiast from who enjoys collecting postcards. Though I like to take my own pictures, I'll often buy postcards on a trip because they are so beautiful and they are a great souvenir that's inexpensive and easy to carry home-in fact going … [Read more...]