Catching up with Global Nomads and Award-Winning Travel Bloggers Michael & Larissa Milne

Michael & Larissa Milne

Earlier this year at the LA Times Travel Show, I had the awesome opportunity to meet Larissa and Michael Milne, the writers behind the very popular and acclaimed travel blog Changes in Longitude. In 2011 they quit their jobs, sold their house and gave away their possessions to travel around the world for a year with a Rocky statue. They're now global nomads–completing an epic American road trip to visit … [Read more...]

Off to College: Reflections of a Road Trip Mom

I've just returned from clear across the country, moving my daughter Lilia, my eldest child, into college on the east coast.  It's an exciting and emotional time launching your child into the big wide world. As I stared at the huge mountain of stuff on the curb, besides wondering how it was all going to fit into the small dorm room (which it did), I realized there was so much more I was leaving her with than just … [Read more...]

Memories of People, Places and Foods in Sunny Florida (by Guest Blogger Jeff Shoer)

Many people dream about and then retire to warmer climates and my grandparents were no exception. The sweet memories of my days visiting them are still sunny and golden like the sun and sand in Florida. Sun-sweetened fresh squeezed pulp infused orange juice from Sid’s backyard grove, cantaloupe cubes, Fruit Loops and Oreos. Sid also grew the most extraordinary roses, but they were only edible to the eyes. Those … [Read more...]

A Veteran Road Mom’s Guide To Traveling With Teens

Family Travel in The Electronic Age - How Much is Too Much?

Let's face it, kids are awesome but they can also be quite a handful. Every age has it's challenges. While parents of younger kids may breathe a sigh of relief as the physical challenges fall away (no more booster seats, dressing or bathing kids) and kids become more independent, they should be forewarned that the real challenges are yet to come ... and it's all mental, which can at times quite stressful and … [Read more...]

To Plan Or Not To Plan? That’s The Question!

New Orleans

So I was speaking to my friend Becky the other day encouraging her to take a look at my website as she was considering a trip to New Orleans. After perusing the things we’d seen and done and taking a look at our itinerary, “Wow!” she exclaimed ,“You’re a real planner. To be honest, I prefer to just land in a city and be totally spontaneous, exploring whatever hits me, is that doable?” I explained to Becky … [Read more...]

Where There’s Smoke … There’s BBQ!

Guest blog post by: Jeff Shoer What would a good road trip be without the hunt for great tasting Barbecue? The origins of the word Barbecue may have come from foreign lands long ago (the word itself comes from the Spanish Barbacoa translating to sacred fire pit), but these days Barbeque or BBQ (for short) is right at home in the States. You can describe the enthusiasm for this now famous American style of cooking … [Read more...]

Our Top Five Weirdest Food Experiences

Why exploring tastes should be part of any road trip adventure. On the road we get to see and do lots of interesting and unique things we would never get to experience at home. It’s those things and our reactions to them that create lasting memories that we share and the stories that we tell. One of our favorite ways to explore is through taste, sampling unusual regional specialties to dial in to the culture of … [Read more...]

Movies & Memories: Together Creating An Enormous Impact

12 Years A Slave

Every so often a movie comes out that is based on a true story that has historical significance. Often times those movies are our favorites because they tell the stories of real people and more often than not they take place somewhere that we've visited bringing our memories to life.  One notable movie that we've recently seen that is a really great example of this is this year's Oscar winner "12 Years A … [Read more...]

How To Make The Most Out Of Traveling With Your Kids

Family vacations are a great time to connect with each other and to share some incredible experiences out on the road, but how can you make sure that the places you are visiting are really making an impact on your kids? Don’t underestimate how much learning can take place while you are having fun. After our first trip I realized how much my kids were absorbing, and so I made a conscious effort to create and capture … [Read more...]

Making New Friends at the LA Times Travel Show

The Explore All 50 Project was an exhibitor at the Los Angeles Times Travel Show at the LA Convention Center last weekend January 18-19th and was totally overwhelmed meeting so many wonderful folks who are interested in traveling throughout the US and are on a quest to see all 50 states. It was great fun to introduce our website to so many new fans who were really enthusiastic about planning their next trip using … [Read more...]