The Red Dog Saloon (Juneau)

As we landed in Juneau we were all starving, and not knowing where to go we headed straight to our first stop The Red Dog Saloon-a Juneau institution and a "do not miss" according to every guidebook I read. Popping our heads into this crazy weird bar (complete with swinging saloon doors), the hostess said they served lunch and my kids were allowed to enter as long as they stayed by my side. "No problem" I said and … [Read more...]

The Twisted Fish (Juneau)

Juneau, Alaska's state capital was a huge gold mining town in fact the entire town was built on tailings-the gravel and sand left over after the gold is extracted from the ground.  Though no more mining takes place in Juneau, we struck gold when we discovered The Twisted Fish.  While there are a few dining options in Juneau we found none better than the Twisted Fish and ate 2 lunches and a dinner there and each … [Read more...]

Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center (Portage)

Making our way to Seward from Anchorage we stopped at the Alaskan Wildlife Conservation Center.  As you've probably figured out if you've been reading my posts, I am not a huge fan of zoo's or any place that confines animals in small places for people to look at.  While  it does feel like a zoo as there are fenced in areas to view various species of native wildlife, the center has a higher purpose than just … [Read more...]

Alaska Sea Life Center (Seward)

As traveling explorers, our mission was to learn and understand all about Alaska,-it's history, resources, culture and economy, and the Alaska Sea Life Center was a great opportunity to do just that. A large part of Alaska's economy involves the catching and processing of a variety of fish and seafood that is sold to local, domestic and international markets. We very often take for granted the food that ends up on … [Read more...]

Seavey’s Iditaride (Seward)

Alaksa is filled with wonderful and unique things to do, and one experience that was tops on our bucket list was a sled dog ride. After researching all the options, we opted for a ride at Seavey's Ididtaride.  The Seaveys are a legendary family of dog mushers with Mitch and his son Dallas both winning the race more than once. Mitch is the oldest person to ever win and his son Dallas is the youngest in addition to … [Read more...]

Terry’s Fish and Chips (Seward)

We love fish, but truth be told we never knew how good it could really be until our trip to Alaska.  Favorites like Salmon and Halibut are so much tastier when they are literally just caught and cooked and put on your plate. It's going to be really hard to going  back home and eating fish that's been on it's own "road trip".   Fresh or frozen it just won't taste the same now that we've been spoiled in the best of … [Read more...]

Itinerary #15: Alaska

Discover one of the only remaining truly wild places in the 'Last Frontier' as our 49th state is commonly called. Alaska's majestic beauty is unparalleled-both humbling and awe inspiring. Learn about native Alaskans, the gold rush and their relationship with the wildlife that takes center stage. State Alaska Theme The Last Frontier Duration 8 Days | Map (Coming Soon)   Day 1 • Fly … [Read more...]