Ted Drewes Frozen Custard (St. Louis)

Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

Every guidebook we read said that Ted Drewes Frozen Custard was a St. Louis original not to be missed so we were really excited and intrigued to try this unique dessert treat. When we arrived there was a line which we found out is a constant thing here.  When we finally approached the window we were given the choice of a frozen custard or a concrete. The custard is a lot like ice cream only creamier and richer.  I … [Read more...]

Ben and Jerry’s Factory Tour (Waterbury)

Ben and Jerry's Factory Tour

As you drive through and explore Vermont, you realize why this is the perfect location for the Ben and Jerry's factory.  Rural dairy farms and a hippie vibe swirled together just like their ice cream.  My kids just could not wait to get here.  Unfortunately the way it worked out on our trip, we needed to hit this stop in the morning and lucky for us, it opened at 9am.  Ice cream for breakfast-not such a bad … [Read more...]

Sprinkles Ice Cream (Newport)

Sprinkles Ice Cream

Not to be confused with Sprinkles in California, this place was just beyond fantastic!  Sprinkles Ice Cream is homemade ice cream that is smooth and creamy and sold from a little stand on the pier at Bowen's Wharf. The have hard and soft serve which I am sure are both equally great, but we tried the hard serve.  We sampled some really unusual flavors like Moose Track, Maine Deer Tracks, and Maine Black Bear.  I … [Read more...]

The North End (Boston)

Caffe Vittoria

For a super fabulous lunch or dinner, head to a lovely enclave with tons of authentic Italian restaurants, coffee houses, and gelaterias. We met some friends who took us to a lovely restaurant called Limoncello Ristorante - delicious down home Italian cuisine with something to make everyone happy. Lovely casual vibe and the food was simply wonderful. Whether you like Pasta with marinara sauce, or something more … [Read more...]

The Java Cow (Park City)

As you probably know by now, ice cream is one of our family's favorite treats and we seek it out wherever we go.  Park City, Utah was no exception and so we were really excited when our friends the Sobel family and the Richmond family told us we just HAD to try their favorite ice cream place The Java Cow. What makes the Java Cow unique is that the store has two distinct sides-on one side you have the coffee … [Read more...]

Tillamook Creamery Factory Tour (Tillamook)

Washington and Oregon

The Tillamook Creamery was one of the first factory tours we ever did and afterwards we were hooked.  Inside you will learn that the Tillamook Creamery is a co-op.  What that means is the local dairy farmers pool their resources together to create the finest quality dairy products and then they share the profits.  We loved the awesome displays and found out the answers to our "cheesiest" questions.  The factory … [Read more...]

Wilcoxson’s Ice Cream (Livingston)

Destination #3: Idaho, Wyoming and Montana

On Main St. in Livingston is where you'll find one of our top 10 picks for best Ice Cream in the USA, Wilcoxson's.  Try Montana Moose Moss (mint chip ice cream except the “chips” are about the size of nickels) or Moose Tracks (Vanilla with ribbons of caramel and chocolate) among the other equally rich and decadent offerings.  Heavenly!!!  You can also find Wilcoxson's at many other markets, restaurants, and … [Read more...]

Morelli’s Ice Cream (Atlanta)

Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina

So I am just going to say it folks, Morelli's is the is the BEST ice cream we've had in the entire country.  When our friends Barry and Jodie told us how good it was we went with an open mind eager to try something new.  They told us there is a line there at all times which is always a sign of something being really good.  We just had no idea how good.  Upon arrival we got in line and perused the flavor board … [Read more...]