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Buz and Ned’s Real BBQ (Richmond)

  So we were in Richmond on the 4th of July looking for some all American chow before heading to the minor league baseball stadium to take in a game and the only fireworks show for miles around. When you think all American cuisine, in my mind there is only one thing that comes to mind and that is BBQ. After doing the obligatory Yelp search, and checking out the reviews we decided Buz and Ned's Real BBQ … [Read more...]

Where There’s Smoke … There’s BBQ!

Guest blog post by: Jeff Shoer What would a good road trip be without the hunt for great tasting Barbecue? The origins of the word Barbecue may have come from foreign lands long ago (the word itself comes from the Spanish Barbacoa translating to sacred fire pit), but these days Barbeque or BBQ (for short) is right at home in the States. You can describe the enthusiasm for this now famous American style of cooking … [Read more...]

Wackiest Road Trip Memories-By Lilia, Isaac and Joel Abecassis

No road trip would be complete without something totally off the wall happening that becomes instantly memorable, making us either laugh, cringe, or just shake our heads in disbelief reminiscing about it later on.  We are often asked about our wackiest experiences, so I enlisted my traveling partners, my three kids Lilia, Isaac and Joel to recount their top 10....Herewith is their list.... 1. Isaac- Eating BBQ … [Read more...]

Memories of People, Places and Foods in Sunny Florida (by Guest Blogger Jeff Shoer)

Many people dream about and then retire to warmer climates and my grandparents were no exception. The sweet memories of my days visiting them are still sunny and golden like the sun and sand in Florida. Sun-sweetened fresh squeezed pulp infused orange juice from Sid’s backyard grove, cantaloupe cubes, Fruit Loops and Oreos. Sid also grew the most extraordinary roses, but they were only edible to the eyes. Those … [Read more...]

Reader Profile: Jeff Shoer, combining a passion for food and a quest to see all 50!

Jeff Shoer

Jeff Shoer is a self proclaimed food and travel “experientialist”. What is that you ask? Well, according to Jeff it’s a term he coined to sum up his combined passion for experiencing food and travel while writing articles documenting his adventures both on the road and on the plate. Jeff officially began his quest to discover and “taste” all 50 states as a co-pilot on a road trip to the Pacific Northwest … [Read more...]

Reader Profile: Mark Davidson Explored and Tasted his way through all 50!

Mark Davidson

We love finding people like ourselves who are on a quest to see all 50 states and sharing their story. Most folks haven’t seen them all, but occasionally we meet someone who has been to all 50 like Mark Davidson who we had the pleasure of meeting at the LA Times Travel Show. Mark first became fascinated with the idea of seeing all 50 states at age nine when he played with a puzzle of the 50 states - the same … [Read more...]

Chicken In A Barrel (Hanalei and Kapa’a)

I had heard of this place but sadly didn't get to try it until our second trip to Kauai, and I am so glad I did! If you are craving some real deal BBQ this is definitely the place to enjoy chicken, pork or beef prepared the old fashioned way inside of a "barrel" over a smoldering fire. Mike Pierce who is a former contractor from Southern California turned his BBQ hobby into two thriving hot spots for awesome eats, … [Read more...]

BD’s Mongolian Grill (Dearborn)

Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky

My kids and I had discovered BD's Mongolian Grill on Trip #10 in Milwaukee and could not wait to try it again.  We were thrilled to discover a location in Dearborn right near our hotel and could not wait to see what our travel buddies Yvonne, Abigail and Jacob thought about it. When we arrived it was absolutely packed with a 35-45 minute wait for dinner.  This place is incredibly popular and for good reason so … [Read more...]

Lemongrass Thai Cuisine (Fairbanks)

Reading all the reviews of the dining options in Fairbanks we were a little disheartened by the lack of overwhelmingly positive experiences. I combed through Yelp, Tripadvisor, and Urban Spoon searching desperately for a good dining option.  There was so much negative, from rude service, to tasteless food, and way too expensive. The only place that had consistent positive reviews no matter where we checked was … [Read more...]

Jack Daniels Distillery Tour (Lynchburg)

Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama

The production of whiskey and Bourbon have a long history in Tennessee and one of the best places to learn about it is to Go to the Jack Daniels Distillery which offers factory tours.  We arrived at the visitor center and got tickets for our tour and while waiting, walked around and saw many displays that explained the whiskey making process, and what make Jack Daniels brand so unique.  When it was time to leave on … [Read more...]